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How-to: Breaststroke kick technique video

An efficient kick is the key to maximising your speed and propulsive power.  Our Speedo Fit kick technique video focuses on breaststroke and features advice from our elite swimming coach across areas such as foot positioning, kick acceleration and using a kickboard to isolate your legs.

Breaststroke Kick Technique

The stronger your kick technique, the more propulsion you will achieve, and the faster you will be able to swim as a result.

Starting the Breaststroke Kick

Flex your foot, pulling your toes towards your shins at the start of the kick, while keeping your heels as close to your bottom as possible.

As your legs extend outwards and backwards, push the water backwards with the soles of your feet to accelerate and propel your body forwards.

The Kick Recovery Phase

Point your toes at the end of the kick. As your legs straighten and your ankles come together, aim to get the soles of your feet to face each other as much as ankle flexibility will allow.

To complete the recovery phase of the kick, bend your legs, keeping your knees as close together as possible, while bringing your heels up towards your bottom. Keep your body relaxed as you move through the stroke.

A kickboard can be used to help isolate your legs in order to focus on your kick technique.

Now that you’ve learnt the basics about the breaststroke kick, you can perfect the other elements of your technique by watching the rest of our breaststroke 'How to' videos:

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