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Which swimsuit colours suit your skin tone?

Coloured swimsuits that suit different skin tones

Want to know which swimsuit colours will flatter your colouring? Use our quick guide to find the colours most suited to your skin tone.

When it comes to looking and feeling great in our swimwear, it’s not just about the style we choose, but the colour, too. Here’s our at-a-glance guide to which swimsuit colour to choose – and which to avoid – for your most flattering result.

If you have…

Light brown or blonde hair with medium-light skin:
Go for deep reds, pinks and earth tones – try to avoid darker greys and go for brighter and bolder colours as you develop a tan.

Medium-dark skin with dark brown hair:
Have fun with colour. Brights and jewel tones like pinks, purples and blues will look great. Stay away from muted tones like beige or olive green.

Very light skin and/or freckles with light blonde or red hair:
You have your pick of pink – any shade works well with your skin tone.

Dark skin and dark hair:
Pastels will look great on you. Try baby blues and soft pinks.

Olive-toned or light brown skin with medium brown or dark hair:
Black works perfectly against your colouring, as do pale blues and taupes.

Light skin and dark hair:
All shades of blues look fab on you and will flatter your colouring.

Want to look slimmer?
Whatever your skin tone, the most slimming swimsuit colour will always be black!

Colours sussed?
Browse our Speedo Sculpture swimsuits and Speedo women’s swimsuits now to find one the one that’s perfect for you.

Learn more about Sculpture
See the Speedo Sculpture range or find out how Sculpture works.

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