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Flexible comfort

Enjoy the ultimate in goggle comfort with our revolutionary Speedo Biofuse® technology. Designed using super-soft, gel-like materials, Speedo Biofuse goggles make your comfort top priority, delivering an experience so comfortable you could almost forget you’re wearing them.

  • Super soft seals enhance comfort
  • Flexible frame adapts to your face

Whether you swim for fitness or for fun, we understand how important it is to feel comfortable. Which is why we challenged our research and development team to create a goggle technology that puts your comfort first.

The result is Speedo Biofuse, a unique goggle technology designed to achieve an experience so comfortable you could almost forget you're wearing goggles. Featuring flexible materials that adapt to the shape of your face, for cushioned comfort every time you swim. 

Super soft seals

Because every face shape is unique, Speedo Biofuse goggles are designed with deeper, softer seals than traditionally used, enabling them to mould snugly to your eye contours. 

Flexible fit

Made with soft, gel-like materials for enhanced comfort, Speedo Biofuse goggles stretch around your face and nose to provide a snug, comfortable fit. A flexible external frame gently hugs your face contours, while a strong internal frame wrapped in a soft gel-like skin ensures they maintain their shape on your face, for maximun comfort and performance in the water. 

You can find our revolutionary Biofuse technology in the following goggle ranges
    Junior Futura Biofuse® Goggle
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    Women's Futura Biofuse® Polarised Goggle
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    Women's Futura Biofuse® Goggle
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    Junior Biofuse® Rift Goggle
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