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Enjoy swimwear built to last with Speedo Endurance+ and Speedo Endurance10. Featuring high-stretch, chlorine-resistant fabrics, our Speedo Endurance technologies feature innovations that extend the life of your swimwear, for a fit that feels as good as new – swim after swim

Want a swimsuit that takes its performance as seriously as you do?

We’ve poured more than seven decades of swimwear expertise into developing our durable Speedo Endurance fabric technologies, designed to help you get the most out of your swimwear, whether you’re racing or relaxing in the pool.

Introducing Speedo Endurance+ and Endurance10.


Designed to last longer:           

Speedo Endurance+
Built for longevity, our long-lasting Speedo Endurance+ fabric stands up to everything your energetic swim sessions throw at it. Chlorine, washing and daily wear and tear have nothing on our most durable swimsuit fabric, which includes multidirectional stretch for added softness and comfort.


+ Longer-lasting fabrics
Twenty times more fade resistant than conventional elastane swimwear, Speedo Endurance+ is a blend of PBT and polyester fibres that resists snagging and fading longer than any other swim material.

+ Chlorine resistant
Speedo Endurance+ swimwear is 100%  chlorine-resistant, so it won’t degrade in the swimming pool – even after daily swim sessions.

+ Quick drying
Speedo Endurance+ swimwear is designed to absorb less moisture, so it dries faster after your workout.

Fits like new for longer:

Speedo Endurance10
Enjoy swimwear that fits like new, swim after swim, with our quick-drying Speedo Endurance10 fabric technology, specially developed to retain its shape for longer.  

+ Better shape retention with XTRA LIFE LYCRA®
Up to ten times more chlorine resistant than unprotected swim fabrics and more resistant to sunscreen than ordinary elastane suits, Speedo Endurance10 swimwear delivers durability that you can rely on, for a fit that feels as good now as it did the first wear.

+ Superior fit
Offering great freedom of movement, Speedo Endurance10 fabrics stretch in multiple directions, for a comfortable fit that allows you to enjoy your swim without feeling restricted.

+ Quick drying
All our Speedo Endurance10 swimwear is made using fabrics that absorb low levels of moisture, so they dry faster after your swim.

+ Soft touch
Smooth and silky soft-touch fabrics make our swimwear a pleasure to wear.

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